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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 21, 2018 5:00am-5:03am CEST

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u.s. president of trump has signed an executive order to end his policies separating migrant children from their families who enter the u.s. illegally his administration has been under intense pressure with the practice proving deeply controversial in the u.s. entering international condemnation. hungary's conservative led parliament has approved tough new immigration legislation the laws make it illegal to help asylum seekers who are not entitled to protection and
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outlaw settling foreign populations in hungary that's seen as a swipe at plans to redistribute migrants by quota. british prime minister theresa may has won british lawmakers support and a key bricks of bill both houses of parliament have now backed her blueprint on britain's withdrawal from the european union the approval comes after months of debate among british m.p.'s over what role the bill a lot to parliament and the bricks of process on. south sudan's president salva kiir and the country's rebel leader machar have helped peace talks in neighboring ethiopia it's the first time the two warring leaders meet since twenty sixteen when a peace deal collapsed and fighting really erupted between their forces tens of thousands have been killed and millions displaced in the country's five year civil war.
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the global trade is his first you terrorist acts aboard fact this friday they will hit all american products like whiskey and motorcycles but will they hurt. booted out of the dal the us top corporate index gives general electric its marching orders. and behind bars for the banking crash that lot to your results most costly stage for s.q. . welcome to your business new. it's good to have you with us this friday to this because first you tariffs and u.s. x. force coming to fact it will hit real american products like peanut butter whiskey and motorcycles trade relations between the u.s. and europe are under strain especially since washington impose tariffs on e.u. steel and aluminum. american whiskey tends to fly off the shelves at this liquor store in berlin prices start at about twenty five.


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